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9.11. 2001


We've moved our online store to Amazon!

Here you will find booth filters & accessories, welding blankets & accessories, protective screens & curtains plus and many more Items. On the #1 e-commerce web site in the world! With the safety and convenience of Amazon's Buyer Protection.
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 Deluxe Digital Remote Control Panel

Are you stuck on the bridge over troubled Waterborne? Worry no more!

Well we’ve done it again! Introducing TECHNODRY. All you will ever need for your Waterborne drying needs.

Employing the K.I.S.S.* principal to this latest innovation. TECHNODRY will dry all your waterborne coatings for far less money than other systems.

 Why wear out your compressor and use more energy with venturi or air motor dryers? As well as pump contaminates into your booth.

 Why Spend $5,000 or more on built-in dryer systems?

TECHNODRY is:Fast - Cuts dry time by half & cuts cycle time by 35%. Easy - Portable units move easily in, out and around your booth. Inexpensive - No booth modifications needed. Efficient - Cuts energy costs by half.

This 4 Unit system dries Waterborne Coatings for pennies on the dollar! Ideal for any brand or style of booth, Big or small, old or new, complex or simple. TECHNODRY will get the job done!

This high tech control working with our proven Bananza - Technocure Spray-Cure Heater (AMU) will give you full control of your Spray Booth's Operation. Built in to this panel you can control Spray & Cure Temperature, Spray & Cure Booth Pressure. View Spray & Cure Booth Pressure via the Built-in Magnehelic Gauge. Control Purge & Cure Times and know how much time is left via the Digital Countdown Timers. Automatic & Manual Controls for the Booth Lights. Also has Cool Down Cycle with built-in timer and indicator light. Burner on indicator light and burner out alarm with remote reset. All these features and more for a lot less then our competitors.

This is our 'Standard' Control Panel we include with all of our Spray Booths!

Check out our system! We always beat the competition!

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About Us:

Pro Tools & Equipment, Inc. was established in 1983. Specializing in Collision Repair Equipment: Spray Booths, Mixing Rooms, Prep Stations, Air Make-up Systems, ALUMAROOM, Shop Curtains, Frame Straightening Equipment & Computer/Mechanical Measuring Systems. We also provide professional installation, training & service on all our equipment.

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Phone - 847-838-6666

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Mail - 23529 Eagle's Nest Road, Antioch, Illinois 60002

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