Waterborne Coatings Drying System

Are you stuck on the bridge over troubled Waterborne? Coatings that is, paint. The technology is getting better everyday. Soon it will be in your shop. Are you worried? have you heard the horror stories of converting? Afraid of not being ready? Worry no more!

Well we’ve done it again! Introducing TECHNODRY. All you will ever need for your Waterborne drying needs.

Employing the K.I.S.S.* principal to this latest innovation. TECHNODRY will dry all your waterborne coatings for far less money than other systems.


All the Waterborne drying problems solved without needing a loan from your bank!

This 4 Unit system dries Waterborne Coatings for pennies on the dollar!

Ideal for any brand or style of booth, Big or small, old or new, complex or simple. TECHNODRY will get the job done!

TECHNOCURE  Makes It Easy To Be Green



TECHNODRY is built to:

   Conforms to OSHA Standards

  Underwriters Laboratory UL LISTED# E77322 94G8

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* Keep it simple stupid! (you looked didn't you)

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