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The tried and true method (not to mention, Inexpensive) of tying down the frame and anchoring the pulling tower is back! OK it never really left, it's just with all the full frame racks out there they've just been forgotten.

You know the story...
Both your frame racks have heavy hits on them and are 3 days from completion. Then you get a fender bender walk-in that needs a couple of light pulls, no measuring, a little body and paint work. A one day turn-a-round... Sweet!  Then you remember your racks that are 3 days from being free, you have no other way to make those couple of light pulls, and the customer can't wait. So he's out the door, and on his way to your competition. Has this happened to you?

Worry no longer...

We have them! Floor Pots. Yes, Floor Pots, those little tails of chain that grew out of the floor at that shop you started at all those years ago. We have them and yes we install them! Install them in any pattern of your choosing, or choose from many standard patterns.

These cylinder-shaped, wedge-type anchors can be installed in your existing floor and create a tie-down frame stall for your shop in a jiffy, even in the middle aisle. So pull out of storage that floor system pulling tower your dad left you and put it to good use.

With our 3 1/2" diamond concrete core drill, the floor pots can be installed in existing floors and wedged into an immovable position so you can work in almost any position around a damaged vehicle.

The pot is inserted into the hole drilled in the concrete and a press forces the square wedge securely into the cylinder. Since the wedge is larger than the inside diameter of the cylinder, the slotted cylinder walls expand against the concrete, locking the cylinder into the floor. A protective insert ring at the neck of the cylinder prevents chipping the concrete around the top of the cylinder. Once installed, the tighter you pull the tighter it wedges. When the pot is not in use, the chain drops into the cylinder, pulling the cover in with it and creating a flush with the floor appearance. The covered pots create a smooth surface for wheeled or castered equipment and make clean-up and sweeping easy.

Please take some time to view photos of floor pots being installed below.
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Marked hole before coring

It's best to mark all the Anchor Pot positions for a stall before coring any holes.

Drill set over mark and ready to core

Wet Coring makes for short work and a clean hole. The vacuum removes excess water and debris.

Putting pressure on core drill

A combination of pressure and RPM cores the hole quickly.

Drill coring hole

The drill will go though concrete and the steel wire or rebar down to 10 inches.

Operators coring hole

Together the two operators keep the work flowing and the area clean.

Removing core from bit

Sometimes the core comes out with the bit and somtimes it stays in the floor.

Freshly cored hole

Ready to move on to the next hole.

Cored hole

Ready to receive a Pot

Ready to install Pot

When installed this Pot will hold up to 10 Tons!

Pot press in action

Puting 5,000 pounds of pressure asures the Pot will stay in place for many years of service

Pot press next to installed Pot

Done and ready for the next Anchor Pot

Anchor Pot installed

When done correctly, the chain will always pull itself closed.

Installed Pots for a whole stall

How many Pots can you count?

I'll give you a hint

There are 22 Pots in this photo

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