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Truck, trailer, equipment and other oversize and specialty booths can be made by us. If you don't see what you are looking for, ask us. We can do practically anything.

The models depicted below range in size from 20' wide x 16' 6" high x 64' 4" long on up. This size of this booth is typical for a Truck Booth. Your application can be made longer, taller, wider. Maybe you need to paint airplanes. Hang equipment from a bridge crane - No Problem!

Cross Draft Booths

The Technocure Cross Draft Booth intakes fresh air through filters in the product doors and door side panels. The clean filtered air is drawn through the booth and exhausted through a filter system at the other end. This type of spray booth makes efficient use of shop space and is available in solid back, drive-through, and reverse flow designs. Reverse flow booths intake air through filters in the back wall. The solid faced product doors are at the exhaust end of the booth. This provides cleaner intake filtration and better control of shop dust.

Semi Down Draft Booths

The Technocure Semi Down Draft booth intakes fresh air from the cleaner upper level of the shop, through a bank of filters in the ceiling near the entrance doors. The filtered air is drawn down and across the length of the booth, through a filtered exhaust system at the back. The booth is available in solid back, drive through, and reverse flow designs.

Down Draft Booths

This very efficient booth design intakes fresh air from the cleaner upper levels of the shop, through filter banks in the ceiling. The clean filtered air is then drawn down and around the product, through a filtered exhaust system pit in the floor underneath. This design tends to keep over spray away from unpreped product areas, and also away from the painter and other painters in the booth. The booth is equipped with an air supply plenum and is available in both solid back and drive-through designs

Side Down Draft Booths

This Side Downdraft booth offers most of the full downdraft booth benefits without an expensive downdraft exhaust pit. Fresh air is brought in from the cleaner upper levels of the shop, through filter banks in the ceiling of the booth. The clean filtered air is drawn down and away from the product through exhaust filters at floor level along both sides of the booth. The over spray is pulled away from other parts of the product and from other painters in the booth. This booth is equipped with an air supply plenum and is available in both solid back and drive-through design.


Booth Shell Galvanized steel panels, prefabricated. Floor channels secure the booth to the floor. All Truck Trailer and Equipment booths are rigidly reinforced with external "I" beams. (Many Sizes Available)
Entrance Doors Fabricated with tube steel frames hung on structural channel jambs and skinned with 18 gauge galvanized steel.

Super Seal Roll Door with Electric Door Motor & Remote Control. (On Cross Drafts: Drive-through door only or Main Door on the Reverse Flow or Bridge Plenum models.)

Personnel Doors 30" wide x 84" personnel access doors are pre-hung in heavy gauge galvanized steel frames for easy installation. Brixon™ latches are provided for each door opening. (Number of doors increases with the length of the booth) (Additional doors can be added as space allows)
Lighting Bright full booth illumination is provided by, four tube, 48"-32 watt fluorescent light fixtures in the ceiling panels, angled ceiling panels and side walls. Each is sealed behind clear tempered safety glass. All fixtures are UL listed and approved for their intended use and placement. The light tubes are not furnished with the fixtures. (Additional fixtures can be added as space allows)
Filtration System Varies with type and size of booth
Fans & Motors

All exhaust fan units are equipped with TEFC motors and sized for more than adequate air flow movement to meet all quality code standards.

Air-Make-Up Unit See separate product sheet.



Add additional light fixtures.


Add View Windows in the personnel door or walls, great for classroom environments


Air-Make-Up Unit: Direct fired, natural gas or propane 2.5 million BTU heater with control panel for painting and baking.


Booth Remote Control


In floor pit kit with grating and filters. Comes with concrete plan (for Down Draft models).


Drive-through doors.


Super Seal Roll Door.


Exhaust stacking with roof flashing.


With or without White Powder Coating.


Size/Configuration Modification.

Spray Booths comply with all NEC, OSHA and NFPA regulations.

All hardware, filters and sealants needed for installation are included. The control panel and other electrical components are to be supplied by others.

Please take some time to view photos of these booths installed in customers shops.
Click here to view Truck Booth Photos

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