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How The Technocure Side Down Draft Works:

The Technocure Side Down Draft (a.k.a. Side Draft) is an outstanding spray booth that requires no floor preparations (concrete work). This unit sits directly on top of your shop floor. The Technocure Side Down Draft is available alone in which it simply draws in shop air with a dual filtration plenum box. It is also available with an optional heated Air Make-Up Unit (AMU)  pressurized system. The air enters the spraying area via the roof filters and then wraps evenly around the vehicle, before exiting the booth via the 2 exhaust filter sections at floor level, along both sides.


Booth Shell
26' 4" long x 16' 4" wide x 11' 2" high O.D. prefabricated 18 gauge galvanized steel panels. Pre punched nut & bolt construction with floor channels to secure the booth to the floor. (Larger or custom sizes are available).

Entrance Doors
10' wide x 9' high Super Seal Roll Door with Electric Door Motor & Remote Control.
Standard 9’ 4” wide x 8’ 10 ½” high door fabricated with tube steel frames hung on structural channel jambs and skinned with 18 gauge galvanized steel with tempered glass windows secured with a Brixon™ latch.

Personnel Door
30" wide x 84" high personnel access door with tempered glass window, pre-hung in heavy gauge galvanized steel frame for easy installation and secured with a Brixon™ latch. (Additional doors can be added as space allows).

Bright full booth illumination is provided by 10, four tube, 48"-32 watt T8 fluorescent light fixtures by LDPI, Incorporated in the ceiling panels, angled ceiling panels and side walls. Each is sealed behind clear tempered safety glass. All fixtures are UL listed and approved for their intended use and placement. The light tubes are not furnished with the fixtures. (Additional fixtures can be added as space allows).

Need help on lighting decisions? this article will help: "The right light?"

Filtration System
Intake side:
20" x 20" AFR-1 Airflow Technology filters are located in the plenum box (no filters in plenum box if using an Air Make-Up Unit).
20" x 20" AFR-1 Airflow Technology filters are located on the ceiling of the spray booth.
Exhaust side:
20" x 20" Heavy Duty Fiberglass exhaust filter pads. All filters can be replaced simply.

Two 24 inch precision balanced, spark resistant aluminum fan blades. Fan can deliver up to 8,000 cu. ft. per minute each @ .5" Static Pressure, with low operating noise level.

Fan Motors
Two 2hp 208-230/480 volt, 3 phase, high efficiency, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC). (optional single phase available).

"Porcelain like" Polyurethane and Polyester Premium White Powder Coating.

Air-Make-Up Unit
Direct gas-fired Spray-Cure heater, 100% thermally efficient @ 1.5 mbtu. Enclosed in a weatherized cabinet of heavy duty, corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. Solid-state Maxitrol modulating temperature control with direct-spark ignition for fuel savings. Choice of controls including the Super-Cure™ accelerated cure feature for painting and baking. ASA Certified & UL, ETL, CSA, AGA listed.



Add additional light fixtures.


Add an additional personnel door.


Add/delete View Windows in the personnel, entrance/ drive-through doors or walls, great for classroom environments. Not available in Super Seal Roll Door.


Air-Make-Up Unit: Direct fired, natural gas or propane 1.5 million BTU heater with choice of control panel for painting and baking.


Super Seal Roll Door.


Drive-through or Tri-fold doors


Galvanized only (no white powder coating)


Exhaust stacking with roof flashing.


Size/Configuration Modification.

Spray Booths comply with all NEC, OSHA and NFPA regulations.

All hardware, filters and sealants needed for installation are included. Some electrical components are to be supplied by others.

Please take some time to view photos of these booths installed in customers shops.
Click here to view Side Down Draft Booth Photos

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