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With Trifold Doors

Next to a Double Bay Prepstation

With Tri-Fold Doors

With Solid Twin Doors

With Solid Twin Doors

With Super Seal Roll Doors

With Super Seal Roll Doors

Standard Exhaust Wall with Andreae Filter

Optional Bridge Plenum

Optional Bridge Plenum

Optional Bridge Plenum

Optional Bridge Plenum in use

Side View showing Personnel Door and Supply Plenum

Heater Air Diffuser

Plenty of room for the big trucks

Standard Exhaust Wall and plenty of light

SSRD and door operator

Blue Harley

Booth Front

Booth Front

Booth Right Side

Booth Front Left Eighth

Personnel Door

Super Seal Roll Door Operator Remote

Construction - Panels laid out

Rear Section

Center Section Walls up

Cabin Complete

Cabin Front

Ceiling Filter Racks

Support Steel at Floor

Super Seal Roll Door Assembly

Ready to lift in place

Lifting Up

Ready to secure in place

Super Seal Roll Door frame in place

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